Do you trust your cable company to run your cell-phone service?

How do you feel about Comcast as your wireless carrier? Comcast customers will soon have that option. The cable TV powerhouse spilled the beans on Xfinity Mobile, a new service launching mid-year that leverages Wi-Fi, as well as Verizon’s 4G LTE cellular network.

The Comcast news tops the highlights of this past week’s #TalkingTech recap.

Compact’s new service will only be made available to Comcast’s home Internet subscribers or potential customers within Comcast’s footprint.

There will be two main pricing alternatives: an unlimited monthly plan of $45 or $65 per line up to five lines, with the lower monthly price reserved for customers on Comcast’s “best” X1 video packages, typically those that start around $150.

A second pay-by-the-gig monthly option charges $12 per GB of cellular data across all lines on an account, a potentially attractive offer for folks who don’t tend to consume a lot of data.

Moreover, customers will have the flexibility to switch from unlimited to pay-by-the-gig and back without paying a penalty. Unlimited talk and text is included and there’s no per line access fee. Comcast will automatically connect you to Wi-Fi when available (and your WiFi setting is turned on). Otherwise you’ll be on Verizon’s 4G LTE network under a partnership agreement between Verizon and Comcast dating back to 2011.

Comcast may not make a ton of money as a wireless carrier. But it hopes that Xfinity Mobile will help engender loyalty among its customers and perhaps get them to buy other services. There’s also been speculation that Comcast could be testing the waters in wireless as a potential suitor for T-Mobile or Sprint.