Where to celebrate National Beer Day

We love meeting and celebrating American makers, and the ever-expanding beer world offers tons of ways to do so, from regional beer weeks and months to annual festivals and exclusive tastings. Of course, you can experience beer across the nation any day, namely with tours and tastings along our brewery trails, featuring Asheville, N.C. and Hawaii most recently. Plus, beer halls and gardens offer quintessentially festive and lively atmospheres, which is why we showcase options across the county for any season.

Browse the galleries above and below for some of the best beer events through October and airy beer gardens perfect for raising a pint, stein, bottle or can to National Beer Day.

You cannot have a beer at every brewery in the United States in 2017 and still have your health at the end of it all. Read The Full Story Here: 10 Most Beer-Soaked Cities In The Country Video provided by TheStreet Newslook