The baby with insane hair nobody believes is real

This baby’s mop-top is so luxurious that people don’t believe it’s real.

“I always get asked if she’s wearing a wig,” Phillipa Rabbitts, 27, told The Mirror, referring to her adorable infant Bella Cole.

Little Bella is just 11-months-old and already has a full head of hair – so much so that when she was born Rabbitts said the tot “looked just like a little doll.”

Rabbitts of the city of Chelmsford in Essex, England said that she can’t take Bella anywhere without people asking her if the child’s brunette hair is real.

“I had a Cesarean when Bella was born, and the first thing the surgeon said was, ‘she’s got a lot of hair!’” the mom said.

“I just thought, ‘what the hell?’ — I was expecting her to be covered from head to toe, but then I saw this massive mop of black hair on her head.”

Bella – who was born three weeks early at 4 pounds and 11 ounces – was an instant hit around the hospital.

“All the midwives came to have a look at her afterwards, they’d never seen such a hairy newborn before — she was quite an attraction!”

Rabbitts added that Bella “absolutely loves” having her locks “washed and brushed. I give her a little head massage too and she loves it.”

Bella currently uses a tube to help her feed and she’s undergoing medical tests to find out the reason behind her small size.

“She’s always been so tiny, and we joke that the only thing that grows is her hair!” Rabbitts said, according to the news outlet. “Other than her size she’s very healthy, so she’s having genetic tests so we can try and find out why she’s so tiny.”