Trump’s new travel ban will be a lot like the last one

The new White House travel ban is going to look a lot like the last one, a top policy adviser for the Trump administration revealed.

“Fundamentally you’re going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country,” Stephen Miller told Fox News on Tuesday night, saying the new executive order will mirror the one halted by courts.

“These are mostly minor technical differences,” he added.

The last ban temporarily prevented travel of immigrants and refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries to the United States. It was halted when a Seattle judge slapped a temporary restraining order on the executive order, and the restraining order was upheld by a higher court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“One of the big differences that you’re going to see in the executive order is that is going to be responsive to the judicial ruling, which didn’t exist previously,” Miller said.

A panel of appeals court judges attacked the claim that the ban was motivated by terrorism, and ruled that the prohibition did not enhance national security.

But Miller continued to sound that argument: “We’ve got a serious problem in our country of terrorism, radicalization and serious problems of people joining ISIS, joining terror groups, joining al Qaeda and committing or attempting to commit acts of crime and terror against our nation.”

He said the new executive order will be coming “very soon.”