Milo Yiannopoulos had diva fit before press conference

Milo Yiannopoulos is just as toxic behind the scenes as he is onstage.

Sources tell us the controversial former Breitbart editor was a diva before his press conference, saying, “He was stressing out about hair and makeup. He was also trying to get a doctor to give him a B12 shot.”

Several top publicists refused to rep him, and AMWPR, which took him on as a client, is facing a backlash.

The company’s website has been taken down, and a source said, “Past clients were getting harassing calls.”

On Twitter, fake accounts are touting AMWPR’s “new clients” — sex offenders such as Jared Fogle, Jerry Sandusky and Jeffrey Epstein. AMWPR head Adam Weiss tells us, “I’m disappointed that some of the left-wing activists have such little respect for freedom of speech that they choose to attack a publicist [who] was doing his job.”

He also denies claims that Yiannopoulos acted like a diva.