Gunman at large in Paris after holding seven hostage

A gun-wielding crook took seven people hostage in a Paris travel agency on Friday night – before escaping into the night as anti-terror police searched for him.

The gunman stormed inside Asieland Agency on Massena Boulevard in the 13th arrondissement and quickly rounded up the victims, the Daily Mail reported.

He allegedly tried to crack open a safe during what police described as an attempted robbery, but it was unclear if he stole any money.

Heavily-armed commandos fanned out around the perimeter of the travel agency – which had been robbed before — around 6:30 p.m.

“Seven people were inside and all are being held,” said one source at the scene, according to the Daily Mail.

“A security ring has been set up around the agency, and police are arriving all the time,” the source added.

By 9 p.m., the triggerman had released all of the hostages, unharmed, and then slipped undetected past the officers to make his getaway.

France has been under heightened security ever since the ISIS-and-al Qaeda-planned attacks in the French capital in 2015 that left scores dead.