Stop romanticizing Castro: #tellusatoday

The man was pure evil.

We asked our followers whether we should keep President Obama’s deal with the Cuban regime or renegotiate. Tweets are edited for clarity and grammar:

Best way to help Cubans is through trade, culture and diplomacy, i.e. everything in the current Obama deal.


Keep open communication with Raul Castro and Cuba. A new deal may not be necessary. I think this is a power move.


I don’t like the Castro brothers, but there’s no sense in continuing policies that have done nothing to hurt their regime.


Seize the opportunity with Donald Trump’s election and Castro’s death to obtain some key human rights concessions for Cubans.


The world is always safer and more prosperous with fewer enemies.


Keep Obama’s deal. Our countries working together to create a better life for all parties may be slow, but so was the revolution.


I would keep it, unless you want Russia to be your next door neighbor. They would love to be Cuba’s’ best friend.