Take a pledge to defend every faith in America: #tellusatoday

I cannot, as one person, invalidate the will of my fellow countrymen who voted for a man like Donald Trump. However, what I can do as an individual is re-dedicate myself to be more vigilant in defense of the individual freedoms to which I and my fellow Americans have an unshakable right.

Like most Americans, I am appalled when I see calls for fatwa against those who draw pictures of the Prophet Mohammad. But, like many Americans, I feel equally outraged when someone tries to deny freedom of thought or religion — or discriminate on that basis.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters: I am an American of no religious faith, born in Pittsburgh, veteran of our armed forces. I can’t change the results of this election, but I can pledge (and I do pledge) that I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you against any attempts to deny you your rights in this country. That’s my fatwa.

History has shown us that transfers of power — even legal ones — can have devastating consequences. We, as active, civic-minded citizens, are the only thing that stands between those consequences under our current circumstance. Forty years ago I raised my right hand and swore an oath to defend the Constitution of this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Today, I rededicate myself to that oath.


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