Confederate Monument Near University of Louisville Campus Removed

The statue of a confederate soldier was removed from outside the University of Louisville campus on Saturday after the city won a months long legal battle to relocate the controversial monument.

The removal came after Louisville mayor Greg Fischer and then-University of Louisville President James Ramsey announced their intention in April to take down the monument, which had long been considered controversial at the school.

However a group of residents and the Sons of Confederate Veterans opposed any tampering with the monument, and brought suit against the city of Louisville to stop them.

Ultimately, a circuit court judge sided with the city, upholding its right to remove it.

“These monuments, as well as other symbols of the Confederacy, are now viewed as a romanticism of the past, pride in ‘Southern Heritage,’ history to be acknowledged and lessons learned, reminders of slavery or indicative of present racist sentiment,” wrote Judge Judith McDonald-Burkman in her decision. “The court recognizes, even if it does not agree with, these often-times competing emotional elements.”