October 20, 2017

Lego launches NASA women toy set

Lego is taking a giant leap for womankind in NASA. The Danish toy company is launching a new set of figures for a brick-by-brick commemoration of five women who played pivotal roles in the history [...]

Twitter finally attempts to tackle online abuse

Twitter has a new plan to combat internet trolls. The struggling social platform, which has seen user growth stall, unveiled several changes Tuesday aimed at curbing online abuse and bullying. First, the company is expanding [...]

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has regrown

These are busy times of recovery at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The half-million-acre park — the most-visited of the 59 national parks — straddles the Tennessee-North Carolina border through the rolling green mountains of [...]

12 incredible African tribal traditions

hat makes your culture unique? All across Africa, tribal communities maintain practices that have come to shape their respective cultures; traditions that have been passed down over centuries, even millennia. From San healing dances to [...]